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Eat This, Not That! is a tool.
A peek-at-it-in-the-restaurant tool. A consult-it-in-the-grocery-store tool. A whip-it-out-at-the-drive-thru tool. A veritable Swiss Army knife of fat fighting. A weight loss coach in your pocket. It's designed to make smart food choices easier, no matter where you're making them.

And it just might be the best health-boosting, fat-fighting investment you'll ever make. Consider just a handful of real stories from real people who've shed 25, 50, 75 pounds?or more!?of unwanted, unhealthy flab and you'll understand why it's called ?the no-diet weight loss solution."

On the Border's Chicken Al Carbon Fajitas are better than the Sizzling Fajita Chicken Salad? (You'll save 550 Calories!)
A Coldstone Creamery Oreo Creme Ice Cream Sandwich has 350 fewer calories than the Sinless Cake 'n Shake Milk Shake?
Choosing Domino's Pizza's
Chicken, Bacon, and Roasted
Red Pepper Pizza
over the Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich will save you 210 calories? Plus, Domino's thin crust has fewer calories than any other national pizza chain's.
Do you know the 20 worst foods in America?
Eat What you want, when you want - and watch the pounds disapper!
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